My Guatelinda

Hola, mucho gusto.

My name is Susana Sanchez-Young and I love my culture. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, by a Nicaraguan father and a Guatemalan mother. Growing up, my abuela would always come back from trips to Guatemala baring gifts of beautiful Mayan-woven purses and bracelets. All my classmates would swoon over my newest colorful backpack. I told my mom back in junior high, we should start a business. And that's how My Guatelinda was born.

I started selling bracelets and headbands to my classmates in junior high and high school for fun. Fast forward to college and my first real job, every woman I worked with or attended school with always admired my purse or blouse. It wasn't until I read a magazine article about a woman who started selling purses from her native town in Vietnam to help out local women that I decided to really start this business. I thought, people love my purses, my jewelry and my clothes from my mother's culture, why not share our culture? 

We officially started My Guatelinda nine years ago with my mom, Silvia Duarte. We've invested in products we use and love. We are currently in the process of finding a co-op to benefit Mayan women and to create my own designs. STAY TUNED FOR THAT! At the moment, we sell beautiful purses, clothing, toys and my extensive collection of photographs of my adventures in Guatemala at local art festivals and trunk sales. 

My Guatelinda is for you to enjoy!